Ordering info (extra)


  • These pages will inform you about ordering my books at the Dutch bookshop Boekenbestellen.nl


  • I have created these extra info pages because the site of the Dutch bookshop Boekenbestellen doesn't seem to be  translated in English all the time


  • All of my books that are available can be ordered at the online Dutch bookshop Boekenbestellen.nl


  • On the first page of the website Boekenbestellen.nl you can fill in 'Diana Divera' and you will find all the books that are available


  • The available books can be ordered as a printed version (paperback) as well as an e-Book (PDF)


  • The paperback books are available in almost every regular (online) bookstore 


  • I hope soon I will be able to create my own webshop again


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