There are several doctors who had done (scientific) research about Trisomy X syndrome

My own Psychiatrist Drs. Maarten Otter is one of them

Down below there's one of his articles about Trisomy X syndrome


Triple X Syndrome a review of the literature
PDF – 196.1 KB 9 downloads

After I got diagnosed in May 2010 with Trisomy X syndrome, I got a number of different psychologic tests

My own Psychiatrist was leading the tests

The test revealed that I:

  •  am having a psycho-social disorder
  • am showing peripheral psychotic charactistics

  • am having schizotypical characteristics

  • work at a slow but careful pace

  • work systematically

  • am creative


Until today there has been done several physical tests on me

Most physical tests were requested by myself

I have many various pain complaints every day

Sometimes there are twinges, distributed over my body

Another time my body is litteraly stiff with tension

In the meantime I know that many of these complaints are covered by psychosomatic complaints

I am also aware of my sensory sensitivity and hypersensitivity to sounds, atmospheres and behavior of others

I learned to deal with this (over)sensitivity and write about it in my practical handbooks 'Find your way' and 'Step forward'